BHLL 2021 Fall Ball Covid Guidelines: Mandatory Testing & Vaccination

Welcome to Beverly Hill Little League’s 2021 Fall season. The BHLL Board has updated our Covid Safety Protocols to comply with the new guidelines released by the Los Angeles County of Department of Public Health. Our number one priority is to keep our players and coaches as safe as possible, and thus BHLL will require mandatory vaccinations for eligible participants and weekly Covid testing for all players (regardless of age) and coaches (unless vaccinated) as explained below.

This page only summarizes some of the key Covid guidelines; please print and carefully review our Covid Safety Protocols which contains information regarding how to comply with the vaccination and testing requirements (including deadlines). The first deadline is September 6, 2021 where proof of vaccination for eligible participants must be submitted to  We still plan to start the season on September 12, 2021 (rosters are finalized and coaches should be contacting you soon).

Covid Weekly Testing Requirements:

Weekly testing for SARS-CoV-2 is required for all children, coaches, and umpires who are not fully vaccinated. Information about how to provide testing documentation to the league and a free testing option that BHLL has made available through PMH laboratory is included in the 2021 BHLL Covid Safety Protocol. We will also include at our website the PMH forms (found under “Forms” menu drop down) that need to completed if you elect to use their services (print and complete these to save you time).  Many schools are offering weekly tests to students and those test results will be accepted to satisfy the weekly testing requirement (results must show date test was given).

Exemptions from BHLL Testing Requirements:

Proof of full vaccination or a Covid-19 infection (within the past 90 days) is required to be exempt from testing. Please review the BHLL Covid Safety Protocol for an explanation of when testing is not necessary, as well as deadlines for proof of vaccination or positive Covid test in past 90 days. 

Covid Vaccination Requirements:

 All athletes, coaches, and umpires 12 and older are required to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-Please review the BHLL Covid Safety Protocol for an explanation of how to satisfy the vaccination requirement including deadlines for participants currently eligible to receive the vaccine and deadlines for those who become eligible during the Fall Season. 

Mask Requirements

Our league will continue to require all participants to wear masks at all times apart from when kids are allowed to remove them on the field of play. Additionally, families should continue to follow best practice recommendations for masking, social distancing, screening, hand hygiene, travel, and managing close contact with an infected person. To this end, we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the details of BHLL’s safety protocol. 

We are looking forward to a successful, healthy fall ball season!

Avner Gereboff, MD

BHLL Safety Officer

Raul Perez

BHLL President